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Hey beibs!

Thanks God is Friday, right? I am so happy and excited about this weekend. We are going to visit some good friends tonight and gonna stay there for the whole weekend!!! I look forward to so much fun. I will keep you updated! I haven’t been posting for a while, because I was still making lots of changes here on my blog. It really stressed me of a lot last week, when I did something completely wrong in terms of coding so my all posts disappeared!!! One second I just thought that I lost my blog… But as you can tell, everything looks ok now. Just few small changes left and this place will be officially pimped. Haha. It might sound stupid, but after everything’s finished I will do quick guide of how to use my blog, because some of people are still finding it kinda confusing to use, this is why I want to make sure that you understand everything here. Continue reading