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Everyone around me (including me of course) is getting sick! Fortunately, I almost killed that devil, but it took me a week to do so. I just want to share some tips that always helps me to fight the flu.

When I get sick I do always feel like dying, everything hurts and it gets even worse when I have a high temperature. Then it’s better not to eat at all, because body is spending energy making you feel better again, trying to fight that flu. For about two days I always stay in bed like a vegetable. When I feel a little better, I always try to eat very healthy and nutritious foods that would help to fuel my body for that fight.

My top foods when sick:

1.Ginger- you can easily make your own ginger tea by just pouring boiling water over slices of ginger and honey.

2. Honey-this is very good for sore throat, always gives a relief. And one more benefit is that it’s very delicious.

3. Spicy foods- very good remedy indeed when you need to clear your sinuses.

4. Bananas- very easy for stomach, you will get loads of nutrients and your stomach won’t have to do much digesting that banana!

5. Orange juice- when you are sick it’s better to choose orange juice, not an actual fruit, because it is harder to digest. Of course, choose natural juices 100% pure fruit. Vitamins. Note: don’t drink cold!!!

6. Lemon- don’t have to outline anything, everyone knows, it always is a superfood.

7. Garlic and Onion- perfect for soups that are easy to digest.

This is some of the foods that I always always eat when I am sick and it helps me a lot.

Some tea suggestions:

1.Linden blossom tea (100% natural leaves)

2.Natural Thyme tea (100% natural leaves)

I do like to mix them both together if I have a high temperature and a sore throat. Works perfectly well.

3. Ginger and lemon

With every tea option I do always add a tablespoon of honey, because it relieves cough and promotes perspiration.

Hope that helped. Don’t wish anyone to get sick, but if you are sick then try your best to fight that devil!!!

Hugs xxx

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