Yesterday shoulders were on the schedule followed by some ab exercises. Had lots n lots of energy! Completed all planned exercises. My workout looked like this:

•Warm up using 2-3kg dumbbells (went through all the exercises that I had planned for today’s workout. You have to warm up to avoid any shoulder injuries)

•4 sets 10-15 reps dumbbell shoulder press

•4 sets 10-12 reps lateral/front raise combo (both just one rep)

•4 sets 10-12 reps bar upright row (12kg-16kg)

•4 sets 10-15 reps rear lateral raise

Ab sesh

•Plank 3×30 sec

•Around the world plank (3 intervals 60 sec each)

•3×15 side bends with heavy kettlebell

•Crunches with medicine ball (3 intervals 30-60 sec each)

•Stiff leg ball rises (3×12)


Note: somewhere I put 10-15 reps, it means that when I take heavier weights I do 10 reps, when I take lighter weights I do 15 reps. I do start with lighter weights.

Sore shoulders! But feels good though. Today’s morning session was concentrated on biceps and triceps. Burrrns. I will be posting this workout later on!

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