I have been receiving some negative comments recently that I have stopped posting and so on. Well, yes I did, that’s true. But there have been loads of reasons to do so. I have been so demotivated lately, so I didn’t want to lie and motivate you if I don’t feel that way myself. Remember when I talked about ‘down’ periods? I’ve been into one. It all happened because of the place I was living in and also I was so busy at work, like really really busy!

Well, everything has changed now. Sometimes I can’t even believe. I’ve always been saying to myself that it doesn’t matter how bad/hard it is, it will get better sooner or later. If you are following me, you probably know that we’ve managed to find a place to live and I am so happy about that. We have moved in 3 days ago or 4 days ago, haha can’t remember! Feels good though! It’s so bright around, there are so many windows! I love bright and spacious places (I always say no to curtains!!!).


When you feel that life is not driving you crazy in a positive way, think about what changes you can make to help yourself. To live life to the fullest you should be driven crazy all the time, shaking inside, believing in life, feeling good about doing things, smiling, being good and open to people, generating ideas, doing things that makes you happy, be inspired and so on. When your motivation is down, when you do things just because you have to do so, think about the change you can make. As for myself, I moved to another place to live (it was a huge change, you don’t have to do so haha). Also, in terms of my fitness goals, I’ve changed the gym! And I love it. New people, new place, new motivation! Re-born :)

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end :) J’adore this quote.

Talk to you later, muffins!


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